Boy Toys

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November 13, 2003


Pee Pee G's


Seed No Evil

"Boy Toys" is an episode in season 5. It aired on November 13th 2003.


Princess Morbucks is held up in a traffic jam. She goes to see what the hold-up and sees The Powerpuff Girls fighting someone. Then three figures are ploughed into Princess' limo - The Rowdyruff Boys. They fly off again and Princess has an idea. Dressing into her evil gear, she stops the Powerpuff Girls from defeating the boys and excitedly asks the boys to let her join them. They reject her, saying that she is a "lame sissy baby girl" and that "boys can do better than girls". Brick then kicks her over to where the girls were knocked by her and the Rowdyruff Boys take off.

The girls get ready to beat up Princess, but she forges crying and tells them what the boys said. She makes the girls angry and she then makes up stuff that the boys said about them. She then asks the girls to be a Powerpuff Girl and says that she has a plan. She takes them to a deserted location where she has a hidden warehouse of weapons used to destroy the girls. There she shows them an army tank with a super ionic blast gun, a plane with multiple scatter bombs and a boat with a molecular electronic destructor. Princess then says that the weapons are the girls', if she makes the girls one of them. Buttercup and Bubbles are against this, but Blossom, who is fascinated by the plane, lets Princess be a Powerpuff Girl. Princess tells the girls that they won't be disappointed.

Later, the Rowdyruff Boys have robbed a Fish Market on the pier for burgers. They are about to rob a video games store when they are attracted by Princess and the Powerpuff Girls: Blossom piloting the plane, Buttercup piloting the tank and Bubbles piloting the boat. They all fire on Princess' command, but they all miss the boys. Now excited, the boys shoot over to their counterparts vehicles and kick their counterparts out of the controls, taking over the vehicles themselves. They then start firing at each other, until finally all three boys are lying in wreckage of the vehicles on the pier, laughing fit to burst. Princess, cross at how the girls acted in the battle, yells at them and amid it all, the Powerpuff Girls fly away.



  • This is the first time the Rowdyruff Boys appear in an 11-minute episode.
  • This is the only time in the series that the "new" Brick has hair all over the back of his head. The other times he appears, his mullet is the only hair to be seen.


  • When the boys say, "A tank! A plane! A boat!", Brick is missing his mullet.