Fuzzy Lumpkins
Fuzzy Lumpkins PPG
Fuzzy in Powerpuff Girls

First appearance

"Meat Fuzzy Lumpkins" (Pilot) "Fuzzy Logic" (PPG) "Fuzzy Lumpkins" (PPGZ)

Last appearance

"The Powerpuff Girls Rule!" (PPG) "The Final Battle" (PPGZ)

Created by

Craig McCracken

Voiced by

Jim Cummings (PPG) Scott McNeil (PPGZ)





Fuzzy Lumpkins (voiced by Jim Cummings) is a recurring antagonist in the series. He has a "hillbilly drawl", and he is very, very lazy and sleepy. He does nothing for most of his life, who lives in the woods that is far away from the Townsville Hall. He was once elected Mayor of Townsville in the episode "Impeach Fuzz". On Cartoon Network media prints, he is referred as a species called a beastly bumpkin.

In Powerpuff GirlsEdit

Fuzzy Lumpkins (voiced by Jim Cummings) is a large, husky, furry pink bear-like hillbilly monster with a wide jaw, a green nose, two antennae on his head, big blue overalls and brown countryman shoes. He is the first villain ever to be introduced in the series, appearing in the pilot "Meat Fuzzy Lumpkins" where he turned the people of Townsville into meat after he lost in the jam contest. He also had brief non-speaking cameos in The Powerpuff Girls Movie, once in the beginning of the movie holding up the convenience store with a musket, and again at the end in jail with Mojo Jojo and the Gangrene Gang. He talks with a Southern accent, and will shoot anything he finds trespassing on his property but is otherwise harmless. He lives in the woods next to the city of Townsville. He is also prone to destructive fits of rage during in which these times, gaining enough physical strength to overpower (and sometimes intimidate) the girls. When angry, Fuzzy turns dark red,he grows claws and his teeth turn sharp, while usually they are large and square. Fuzzy was one of the victims of the Gangrene Gang's crank calls. The Gang told the girls that Fuzzy had gone crazy again, though he was just taking a bath. The girls beat him up, but realized their mistake before flying away because Fuzzy had turned red and muscular. His only friend is a banjo he calls "Joe", although he has three close relations (Furry, Fluffy, and Hairy), three nephews (Buzzy, Wuzzy, and Scuzzy), and several dozen cousins, most of whom heavily resemble him.

In Powerpuff Girls ZEdit

In Powerpuff Girls Z, it is unknown who or what he was before being hit by the black light. Fuzzy looks almost exactly the same as his original counterpart: a large pink creature in overalls. This rendition of Fuzzy is as rude and destructive as the original, but is nice enough to help an old man or sign an autograph for a fan who likes his banjo playing, that is before going on a rampage. He has a crush on Ms. Sara Bellum. In the English dub, he is voiced by Scott McNeil.