Ms. Bellum
Ms. Bellum

First appearance

"Insect Inside" (PPG) "Powerpuff Girls to the Rescue" (PPGZ)

Last appearance

"The Powerpuff Girls Rule!!" (PPG) "The Final Battle" (PPGZ)

Voiced by

Jennifer Martin (PPG) Nicole Oliver (PPGZ)

Ms. Sarah Bellum is a fictional character in the Cartoon Network animated series The Powerpuff Girls. She is voiced by Jennifer Martin

In Powerpuff GirlsEdit

Ms. Sara Bellum (voiced by Jennifer Martin): The Mayor's very competent, statuesque, and redhead right-hand assistant who often handles the things the Mayor can't. Her face is usually not revealed onscreen, but there have been exceptions to this in several episodes. In some cases, her face has been "shown", after having first been replaced by some alternate form (like in the episode "Monkey See, Doggie Do", where she was transformed into a dog, and in the episode "Something's a Ms.", where she was dressed like Sedusa and wore a Sedusa mask). In the 10th anniversary special of the show, "The Powerpuff Girls Rule!!!", half of her face (with hair still covering part of its right side) was actually shown for a fraction of a second. Most of the time when she is visible on screen, her face is either blocked by some obstruction, by her own hair, or by a camera position to omit everything from the neck up when her lower body is shown. This has sometimes led to her neck appearing abnormally long for a human. Other onscreen characters often claim that she is very beautiful, with the exception of the abrasive Talking Dog. She is named after the cerebellum, probably in reference to her job as the "brains" of the mayor's operation. She attended high school with Sedusa and Femme Fatale prior to the Powerpuff Girls' creation. She has also helped the girls defeat the Rowdyruff Boys in the episode "The Rowdyruff Boys", where she advised the girls to "instead of fighting, try being nice" (in other words, kiss them) to destroy them, which ended up working. She made a cameo in an episode of Chowder, in which she is implied to be the police chief's blind date.

In Powerpuff Girls ZEdit

In Powerpuff Girls Z, Miss Bellum (ミス・ベラム, Misu Beramu?) has blonde hair. Usually, Miss Bellum covers her face with a tablet computer, which has lipstick imprinted on it. While the mayor is different from his original counterpart and is more competent, Miss Bellum in the anime still does most of the mayor's work for him in a manner similar to the original Miss Bellum, and still appears to be the brains of the operation. Also, Fuzzy Lumpkins has a crush on her, and primary she is conquisted, however, she does not reciprocate his feelings, but later she dislikes Fuzzy.