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Upcoming Fairly OddParents episodes

Beach Blanket Bozos
Beach Blanket Bozos is the twenty-sixth episode of Season 7. In a trip to Hawaii, Timmy wishes his parents were the best surfers ever to impress the local kids, but that wish starts a "Wish Limbo", in which they won't stop surfing against each other until only one prevails as best surfer, all the while ignoring Timmy. In order to break the limbo, Timmy must find something that is more important to them than surfing.

Starring: Timmy Turner / Mr. Turner / Mrs. Turner

Poltergeeks is the twenty-seventh episode of Season 7. Seeing how bored his parents have become of their jobs, Timmy has Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof pose as ghosts so that his parents can re-live their glory days a a ghost hunting group called "The Poltergeeks". However, problems arise when the Poltergeeks' old nemesis, Chet Ubetcha, questions their credibility, and to make matters worse, Mr. Crocker has lent actual fairy capturing equipment to Timmy's parents to help them find the "ghosts" and shred them up!

Starring: Timmy Turner / Mr. Turner / Mrs. Turner / Cosmo / Wanda / Baby Poof

Old Man And The C- is the twenty-eighth episode of Season 7. After being humiliated in a trivia game show on national television, Mr. Turner reveals he dropped off school in the fifth grade. At his wife's insistence, Mr. Turner returns to Dimmsdale Elementary School to graduate and make his son proud. However, because Mr. Turner dropped out of the fifth grade, he must take his classes in his son's own fifth grade class, and worse, his growing popularity among the students has made him think that he is once again "too cool for school"!

Starring: Mr. Turner / Timmy Turner / Denzel Crocker

Balance of Flour is the twenty-ninth episode of Season 7. Centuries ago, the Anti-Fairies and Fairies started an annual bake-off to determine which species gets godchildren, and this year, Jorgen von Strangle's recipe is at risk. Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda are determined to make sure they make Timmy their godchild by stealing the recipe and cheating the fairies out of the competition.

Starring: Timmy Turner / Nana Boom Boom / Jorgen Von Strangle / Anti-Cosmo / Anti-Wanda / Poof / Mother Nature

Food Fight is the thirtieth episode of Season 7. Tired of his mom's stinky food, Timmy wishes Mrs. Turner was the Best Cook in the World, but when his mother enters to a cooking competition on television, the magic goes wears off due to Da Rules / and she has to face the challenge alone without the help of fairy magic.

'Starring: Mrs. Turner / Timmy Turner / Mr. Turner / Chef Bradwurst / Crepe Suzette / Sue Shi / Hal Apeño

Lights Out is the thirty-fourth episode of Season 7. After Timmy tells Poof a scary story, his crying keeps him up all night, so Timmy wishes for no light for twelve hours of day. Little does Timmy know, that when his godparents are kept in the dark for longer than eight hours, they become "Scary Fairies" and turn on their godchild. Timmy must evade his fairy godparents in the dark, while avoiding his usual enemies and his admirer, Tootie. Not to mention a pack of saber toothed tigers with night vision that are loose in the town!

Starring: Timmy Turner / Cosmo / Wanda / Poof / Mr. Crocker / Tootie